Maywood Avenue Powerpoint Presentations

The Green Streets webinar presentation (March 1st, 2011).


This presentation on the Maywood Project was given at the 2010 Ohio Stormwater Conference in Sandusky, Ohio.

Maywood Avenue Original Press Release

Stormwater Volume Reduction Project

The Maywood Project is a neighborhood scale project that will utilize Low Impact Development (LID), or green infrastructure, to reduce stormwater runoff and improve water quality. The green infrastructure components will consist of bioretention, homeowner rain gardens, and rain barrels. The rain garden construction will include excavation, soil preparation, native plantings, drainage pipes under driveways, and sidewalks to connect the areas.

Maywood Avenue is a neighborhood that is located on the near north side of Toledo, Ohio. The neighborhood demographics and physical components are typical of other well-established, older urban neighborhoods in the city. The street has 66 lots with 46 lots that have homes.

The main outreach goal is to connect people in urban areas to their local water resources by:

  • Teaching them to become better stewards of Toledo's rivers
  • Providing education on how urban runoff impacts local waters

The intent is to eventually further promote environmental education and awareness to other neighborhoods beyond the Maywood area, using rain gardens and other green infrastructure as the primary means of demonstration.

For more information, contact: Patekka Bannister or Tim Murphy, Division of Environmental Services, 348 S. Erie St., Toledo, OH, 43604, Phone 419.936.3015.

There was also an article recently published by The Blade.