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Welcome to our educators page! Below you will find lesson plans related to watersheds, water quality, streams, soils, and a host of other topics. The lesson plans provided here were developed by the Ohio Division of Soil and Water Resources, individual Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs), and the USDA-NRCS unless otherwise noted. They have been used to train SWCD educators on Ohio state content standard correlations. Also, on this page, you will find other materials available for educational use and upcoming educational events!

Now Available, Rain Garden Sampler Loan Boxes!

The Rain Garden Initiative is pleased to offer educators two loan boxes containing activities and tools to assist them in exploring, designing, and installing rain gardens with their students! The loan boxes were designed for use with the Rain Garden Curricular Sampler, a series of lesson plans for students in grades K-12, developed by the Earth Stewardship for Schools Program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum.

The loan boxes are available from the Toledo Zoo Education Department and the Lucas Soil and Water Conservation District. The standard loan period for a box is two weeks. A $25.00 deposit is required, with all but $5.00 refunded when the materials are returned. Contact the Toledo Zoo at 419-385-5721 ext. 2049 or the Lucas SWCD at 419-893-1966 for more information or to reserve a loan box.

Click here to view or download the Rain Garden Curricular Sampler.


Physical Monitoring

  1. Physical Monitoring Benchmarks
  2. Go with the Flow
  3. Physical Water Grade Level Activities

Biological Monitoring

  1. Water Quality Monitoring
  2. Dry Side Creek Critter Caper
  3. Stream Quality Monitoring Assessment Form
  4. Macroinvertebrate ID Guide
  5. Macroinvertebrate ID Guide #2
  6. Macroinvertebrate ID Guide #3
  7. Biological Monitoring Benchmarks
  8. Biological Water Grade Level Activities
  9. K-2 SQM Rock Rub
  10. Stream Quality Monitoring
  11. Ohio Sediment Stick


  1. Groundwater Model Grade Level Activities
  2. Groundwater Model Outline
  3. Hydrologic Cycle
  4. What is Groundwater?
  5. Groundwater Movement
  6. Recharge - Discharge


  1. Enviroscape Grade Level Activities
  2. Garbage Bag Watershed
  3. Enviroscape Outline
  4. Is this Water Polluted?
  5. Watersheds: The Clean Job
  6. Watershed Assessment
  7. Streamulator Grade Level Activities
  8. Measure a Maturing Stream


  1. Soils Grade Level Activities
  2. Triangle Tag
  3. Compare Soils
  4. Sediment and Stream Carry
  5. Soils take in Water
  6. Soils Types: Texture Test
  7. Compost Sundae
  8. Crop Cover Versus Soil Loss
  9. Water Different Soils Hold
  10. Slope of a Field
  11. Compost in a Jar